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Dark Puella Magi Elena★Magica
22 janvier 2022 @ 06:45
Singing of passion, Lafrenze scattered her flower of purity
Not knowing of love and hate, she embraced the dark flames
By touch alone, Orpheus opens the cage containing the beast bound by darkness
And falls toward the bottom of Hades that is in the depths of her body

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This journal is inactive now.The one I have now is bicho_surreal.
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Dark Puella Magi Elena★Magica
06 janvier 2013 @ 22:19
Sometimes I feel I've got to
Run away
I've got to
Get away

From the pain that you drive
into the heart of me

The "love" we share
Seems to go
And I've lost my light
For I toss and turn I can't sleep at night

Once I ran to you
Now I run from you

This tainted love you've given
I give you all a girl could give you
Take my tears and that's not nearly all

You don't really want any more from me
To make things right
You need someone to hold you tight
And you think love is to pray
But I'm sorry I don't pray that way

Don't touch me please
I cannot stand the way you tease
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Dark Puella Magi Elena★Magica
29 décembre 2012 @ 17:56
<1187 para ser exactos.No me dí cuenta de que tendría que haber contado el año pasado cuando alcancé los cien fandoms (supongo que hasta que sospeche haber llegado a los 200, si verdaderamente pasa, me abstendré de molestarme en contar otra vez) e incluso casi me pasé este año, con 223.Aclaro que no todo lo que subí en este journal lo escribí este año pero sí 3/4 de ello or so.Ni idea de cuántas palabras, aparte de la Nano de 50.000.Mucho de lo que estoy contando son drabbles o one-shoots de entre cien y quinientas palabras a lo sumo, solo ocasionalmente algún fic/original sobre pasa las 5.000 máximas y se va hasta las 10.000 o más, siendo usualmente de varios capítulos.
>Eso me coloca en un pequeño predicamento.Verán, yo hago mis backups a Fanfiction.net por diversas razones.Resumen de ellas:
Blah blah blahRéduire )
>¿Qué predicamento, Lena? Pues que me atasqué en mis fics del 2010 ._. Salvo de fandoms actuales, lo viejo que poco me obsesionaba lo dejé estar y ahora tengo que subir al Despropósito los productos de los últimos tres años. Digamos que son trescientas historias y sé que me equivoco, pero debería ser suficiente como para que entiendan por qué facepalmeo~
>Son más de mil historias y a eso sumémosle que debo editar por el formato al menos la mitad, sino más. Y de ello, cuarenta mínimo debo re-escribirlas, ya que Blogsome se suicidó sin avisar. Eso me lleva a anunciar que probablemente no participe en Reto diario para completar mis cien subidas empezando en Enero como había planeado, a pesar de haber terminado mi Tabla Kabbalah, autodiseñada para eso. Aunque inicialmente, iba a terminar este año y a hacerlo de nuevo en el 2013.
<Y es que a todas estas responsabilidades se agregan la de que me prometí -allá por el 2008, cuando tenía solo unas doscientas historias en mi humilde haber- que al llegar a las mil, si lo hacía, tendría que pasar en limpio mis originales.Del mismo modo en el que me juré dos años antes de eso que si para el 2016 no tenía NADA original escrito que más o menos valiera la pena, me dedicaría a otra cosa >_> (no puedo creer que esté TAN cerca de la fecha límite.Tengo que ponerle ganas con las tres Nanos del año que viene) Ya he comenzado a hacerlo:Aquí están casi todos mis trabajos de los últimos dos años o al menos esos que no me daban demasiada vergüenza, en formato pdf y corregidos xD El resto...he decidido que me dedicaré durante el 2013 a intentar editar lo salvable de ser preciso y eliminar el resto, a fin de hacer lo mismo.
Con eso supongo que mi "hiatus" en actividades fandomeras es comprensible,¿no? xD En fin...tengo que irme, así que sin más, les doy permiso para envidiarme :D
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Dark Puella Magi Elena★Magica
29 décembre 2012 @ 02:58

~Fandoms utilizados~
+Soul eater.
+Madoka magica.
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Dark Puella Magi Elena★Magica
23 décembre 2012 @ 04:41
[De modo que puedo seguir lockeando la opción de los comentarios, total, no es que no tengan forma de contactarme xD]
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Dark Puella Magi Elena★Magica
Here is also to download if you can't/don't want to hear it from there :D
I just realized [while re-reading "The Karnau tapes" for a paper,a novel where main character goes yadayadayada about voice recording, because he thinks that human leaves a part of their souls there or at least he's paid to investigate for the Führer] that I don't update with something where I put my voice since at least five years ago and that time it was just a line to say "Hi,I'm Lena and this is my voice" xD I remember a meme that I couldn't do almost three years after but I didn't have a microphone back then, only my mp3 and it was broken. I didn't feel like going to a cyber-cafe either.
I got a proper microphone (better said: I retrieved one I used to have with my first computer and that now Maria wasn't needing) and I started to use it for my French lessons and to talk with my ex-net-girlfriend.A friend I met at Livemocha told me that she would like to try Skype and so we did it.Fun xD So I thought about doing this :D
Plot details~Réduire )
But here is the whole story in Spanish (original) if you want to read it.Lena scanned it since she couldn't find any links to the anthology :D
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Dark Puella Magi Elena★Magica
06 décembre 2012 @ 14:32
~Fandoms utlizados~
+Soul eater.
+Haruhi Suzumiya.
+Corpse Bride.
+Dark shadows.
+Nabari no ou.
+Firefly dreams.
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Dark Puella Magi Elena★Magica
27 novembre 2012 @ 11:27
I did the Nano with original work, though not a novel and most of my long-term projects aren't finished or even at half road to the end.
The only failing is that I wanted to reach the goal on my birthday, as self-given gift.
It's okay.I need to relax a little and study for my exams, which I'm starting to take the next week until mid-december.
Today is Brisa's birthday and I baked brownies but these are too pallid for my taste D: I don't know if it was the chocolate (I brought some on sale and it's not the best game quality I have had in a while) or the strawberry liquor I got, which wasn't in the original recipe...but almost ALL what Lena cooks has strawberry liquor if it's sweet or white wine if it's salty xD It gets good results most of time ;_; 
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Dark Puella Magi Elena★Magica
26 novembre 2012 @ 15:58
It hurts me to be with you because you're always showing me what I'm never going to have and that makes me feel insecure. So I need to kill you. But since you're my dream...I can't. And if you won't disappear, I shall do it in your place.
Boundary of Emptiness:Garden of sinners-Kinoko Nasu.
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Dark Puella Magi Elena★Magica
22 novembre 2012 @ 02:14
One of my private students often mutters happily/angrily (to himself, rather than to me, I think):It seems to be done on porpoise! [When the circumstances seem to be on his favor or no] Having in consideration what dates I have for exams and how..."light" is this year November's for me (the tests I will be taking are vendettas of the ones I failed on July/August), I could just imitate him because I wrote my papers already and since I didn't have an absence day up to a week ago, I can stay to try to fulfill what it's left from my [attempt of] Nano.
Boys are so cruel
So don't let them find you...tonight
And girls are so vain
So put them behind you...tonight

I'll cast you a spell
Which will make everyone plays dead forever
And after tonight
They'll never remind you...

~Birthday massacre~
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