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22 novembre 2012 @ 02:14
Nano:Third week results.  
One of my private students often mutters happily/angrily (to himself, rather than to me, I think):It seems to be done on porpoise! [When the circumstances seem to be on his favor or no] Having in consideration what dates I have for exams and how..."light" is this year November's for me (the tests I will be taking are vendettas of the ones I failed on July/August), I could just imitate him because I wrote my papers already and since I didn't have an absence day up to a week ago, I can stay to try to fulfill what it's left from my [attempt of] Nano.
Boys are so cruel
So don't let them find you...tonight
And girls are so vain
So put them behind you...tonight

I'll cast you a spell
Which will make everyone plays dead forever
And after tonight
They'll never remind you...

~Birthday massacre~
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Musique actuelle: Progressive-Kalafina~