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18 décembre 2012 @ 15:21
Recording~"Viaje"-Luisa Valenzuela(Fragment in Spanish)  
Here is also to download if you can't/don't want to hear it from there :D
I just realized [while re-reading "The Karnau tapes" for a paper,a novel where main character goes yadayadayada about voice recording, because he thinks that human leaves a part of their souls there or at least he's paid to investigate for the Führer] that I don't update with something where I put my voice since at least five years ago and that time it was just a line to say "Hi,I'm Lena and this is my voice" xD I remember a meme that I couldn't do almost three years after but I didn't have a microphone back then, only my mp3 and it was broken. I didn't feel like going to a cyber-cafe either.
I got a proper microphone (better said: I retrieved one I used to have with my first computer and that now Maria wasn't needing) and I started to use it for my French lessons and to talk with my ex-net-girlfriend.A friend I met at Livemocha told me that she would like to try Skype and so we did it.Fun xD So I thought about doing this :D
"Viaje" (Travel) a part of the Anthology named "Tormentas" (Storms) in "Cuentos completos y uno más" (Complete tales and an extra) is one of my favorites stories by Valenzuela, even when I can't think in something from her that I didn't like <3 It's narrated in first person speech by a resentful woman who wants to teaches a lesson to her chauvinistic not-boyfriend, who has been ignoring her for a while. So she uses her air miles and savings to go to the India, since Paris is too expensive, planning to spend a time without talking him only to answer after (if he asks) that she wanted to make something important on her own, only to see if he shows any jealousy. She takes a notebook with her and hopes to write down there all her memories about him and their relationship with a pencil, so she can delete it later,symbolizing that she has overcame any attachment.
She is at this at the flight when she has a sudden blackout.Weeks later she talks about this with a friend (in the end, she didn't tell to her not-boyfriend that she went on Vacations by her own, as she was planning but that she fell ill, the same excuse she uses to take some days at work), explaining that apparently she did the travel but has no recollections.The only written on her notebook later is the fragment I recorded.
But here is the whole story in Spanish (original) if you want to read it.Lena scanned it since she couldn't find any links to the anthology :D
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